Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Belong

Ooh I just found this T shirt for sale. It's super cool. I'd buy it if I wasn't broke.

It's summer!! Spent the day with Piera and Heather working on finding a job. Went to the beach yesterday, Ward's Island, so nice to be in nature. I want to live in the trees. I set up a Wordpress of all of the writing that I have published (11 articles up til now).

I decided that I would like to focus on journalism/producing. This will be my main job hopefully. It feels good to make a decision, because when I tell people what I am into, it's kind of endless. So it will be helpful to narrow it down I guess? Maybe this will also help me figure out what I would like to do my Masters in. People like Emilie Wapnick, of Puttylike fame, might disagree.

Pat Benatar's We Belong is my favorite song right now.

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